New Member Guide

  • Who can become a member

Everyone can become a member, Join Free

  • How to become a member

You can complete your membership by clicking on the activation e-mail address sent to your e-mail address after filling the member registration form completely.

  • Product request form

You can fill out the Product Request form found on our site and let us know the products you want to receive We can help you find the product you want to publish and sell as a notice in your Purchase Requisitions category, which is also in the Classifieds section,

We do not have any fees or fees for this.

  • What can I do as a member on the site

As a member, you can review all the products on our site, you can access the contact and address information of the member stores that can see the prices, and you can also message through our site in unlimited ways.

  • Product purchase

As for the products that are on our site, you can communicate with the store owners and you can shop without intermediaries, the delivery and payment of the products are all connected to you. no shopping commission is requested or the case is not liable to adverse situation. It is a platform established for the purpose of demonstrations.

  • I want to sell my products

If you have a registered company, you can find it on our site by clicking on the store member application. Please click to make the store member application. Please do not forget that we have the right products in accordance with the existing categories on our site and also the possibility of introducing your products to the world, You can capture

  • I want to be aware of the developments

To be informed about our site, you can register at the bottom of the E-BULLETIN registration area and register your e-mail address.

  • Password renewal or forgotten password reset

After logging in as a member, you can change your password at the same time as your account information in the private panel. If you forget your password, you can click on the link below and click on the link that will be sent to your e-mail address to specify your new password. CLICK.

  • Wish and Complaint

We have a law and our site that bother you on our site as a member. You can communicate with us when you are facing a product that is contrary to the usage contract, a classified advertisement or another situation, or when you have any requests