New Store Guide

  • Opening a store

To open a store and promote your products to the world, you can fill out the application form on our site completely. Please CLICK to apply.

  • Who can open store

Taxpayers who manufacture and wholesale products that match the product categories found on our site may apply for a store on our site.

  • Store membership approval process

After completing the membership form, the required examinations will be made as soon as possible and if your membership does not contradict the terms of use of our site, it will be approved within 24 hours and a confirmation message will be sent to you.

  • To do product entry

You can start to add your products at any time after you have paid the package fee that you have approved and selected, and you will be taken to the store after you have translated and edited the products that you added in Turkish in other languages. All the contents of the products you have added in Turkish are translated into English, Russian and Arabic, If you do not have any hesitation about the product prices, you can communicate with us and change the currency you want. You can enter your own store and you can make the change you want from My Products section on every other publication yourself. Translation of the products added by free store members will not be done by us CLICK to add product

  • Opportunities provided by members will operate in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabic as well as translating your product descriptions into other languages ​​within the services included in the membership packages. This will help you to reach out to potential customers in many countries of the world. Therefore you will be required to submit your product requests, we will provide you with online language and translation support and translation services to help you respond to requests as soon as possible. will help you to reach more buyers with our advertisements (Google, Facebook, instagram, Pinterest etc.) we will give you on social media and you will not have any fees or commission requests for this, we will give you products for a yearly membership fee for short term (Russian, English, Arabic) During the period of membership (1 year) we support the translations of messages and mails from our site, advertising and promotion of the products on our site in social media, you can be confident that we will make every effort to promote your products to the world.

  • Use of grossistanbul Classified Ads

In addition to the services we have provided above, we can also make use of the classified ads section on our site by publishing the car advertisements, real estate advertisements, the classified advertisements, any machines and products that you want to sell in the announcements section and this service is included in the membership packages and totally free of charge except for the marketing of our store members' products. you can edit and publish your announcements within seconds by clicking on the Add Announcements button in the special panel. If necessary, the other languages ​​will be published by dialing from our side.

  • Store membership packages and fees

You can increase your sales by promoting your products both at home and abroad by purchasing Standard Membership Package, Special Membership Package or Super Membership Package besides Free Membership Package for one year on our site. You can examine the store membership packages on the table below and choose the package that suits you