Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can be a member and do I have to pay any fees for membership?

Everyone can subscribe to the website and you don't have to pay any fees to join.

2. From which services members​ will benefit?

User Members can review products without restriction and contact with the Member Store. In addition, the Product Request Form may be filled for the products that they want to purchase.

3. What do I need to do to if I want to provide and buy products?

If you have filled the Product Request Form for any product that you couldn't find in the products listed by our merchants, and you submit your request, you can provide communication with the manufacturer and supplier companies by publishing your request in the Purchase Requisitions section

4. ​Who can open the store?

Companies that proper to our website product category, manufactures products inside of the Turkey and taxpayer company engaged in the wholesale sale, limited liability and joint stock companies may open the store and they can do marketing promotion by adding their products.

5.How and when do I add products?

Once you've confirmed your store membership, you can add items by entering the store.

6. How many products can store add for free ??

Store owners can add 30 products and 30 classifieds products for free.

7. Who will translate the products into other languages?

Translation of the products into other languages on our website will be done by our staff working in our company.

8. Who receives language support service and what is the benefit of this service? 

Store owners who purchase Special and Super Membership package can benefit by mailing to our company staff through mail and correspondence from our customers within our site until the end of membership

9. Who and how benefit from our product shooting at the studio?

The store owners who purchase a Special and Super Membership package and sell men and women products,can make product shooting in studio by taking an appointment with the product numbers included in the package.

10. I sell children's products, can I take product pictures with live models in the studio?

For now, we don't offer shooting of children's products, so we recommend you get a standard membership package.

11. I have men and women underwear products if i buy a Special or Super Membership package can i use your studio service?

You can benefit from our studio by paying 300 TL + VAT in addition to the package fee for men and women underwear products. Payment can be done in our office when you bring your products for shooting.

12. Can i choose the model? ​

Unfortunately, only model that work with us and model which will be chosen by the company will be in shooting.

13. Can i bring my model?

After paying the fee, you take an appointment in advance and you can bring model to shot in our studio.

14. I bought a Special or Super Membership package store in which languages can I get a translation service?

Special and Super Membership package owners can receive Russian, English and Arabic translation services.

15. ​How and when I can get the translation service?

If you have purchased a Special and Super Membership package you can get a translation service by contacting our staff via live chat or mail between 09.00-19.00 on weekdays. Translation service will be performed within 24 hours according to the incoming order.

16. Except I received a message on foreign language can i use your language support service?

No, our service only includes messages and product requests that come from our site.

17. Who will be informed about product purchase requests from abroad and how will they be informed?​

About purchase requisitions that come to our company first of all will be informed owners of the Special and Super Membership packages via e-mai​l, if within three days you will not get the respond, it will be published in the ​Purchase Good Request in the classified ads section.

18. What should I do if I have products that are suitable for the goods received from abroad?

If you know language enough to answer the request, you can contact directly, if you need language support and if you have a special membership in a special membership store, you can contact our staff and receive the necessary correspondence support.​

19. Will I pay any fees or commissions besides the store membership fee?

​No, you will not claim any fees or commissions from the shop you have contacted via

20. What should I do if the customer requests a sample or product through is not responsible for the shopping you will meet with the customers, it is your responsibility to know how to make your shopping.

21. I received requisition from abroad, but I never exported what should I do?

You can get help from your financial advisor or accountant if you can not get help you can ask us, is aiming at more exports, we give you all the support you need to increase our exports.

22. was established just for marketing abroad?

Primarily it's established to introduce Turkish products and market abroad and to provide necessary advertisements inside the country as well as to giving opportunity to introduce and market products in the country. 

23. How can I renew my membership?

One month before your membership is over our staff will contact you and give necessary help for renew membership.

24. I got the shooting service in the studio, but I have new models, can I shoot again?

In the membership package one-off shooting service included, if you want to take a shot again, you can purchase the studio shooting service package in the extra services section.

25. Images that was shooted by can I use in my catalogues or my own website? 

Yes, you can use product images taken at our studio for the purpose of promoting your products and not for any other purpose.