General Use Agreement



Article 1 - Introduction

Other terms and conditions of the user agreement ("contract") and (¨Site¨) regulate the terms and conditions of services provided by Gross Istanbul. All policies and rules contained in the Site form an integral part of this contract as an integral part of the contract.
This contract is made between you and Gross Istanbul Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company located at Beş Telsiz Street 130 Street No: 8 / A Zeytinburnu Istanbul. By using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

Article 2 - Duration

Registration of the membership is completed with the necessary identification information from you and entering the company information on the site and confirming the e-mail to be sent to the given e-mail address. This contract applies to all users. This Contract; will be enforced on the date that the membership registration for new users is approved for the current users upon completion of the registration process.

Article 3 - Scope

Gross Istanbul provides a virtual marketplace where you can communicate with merchant store owners to sell products and / or services over the internet, promote and / or purchase your products. Gross Istanbul is not the owner or seller of products and / or services listed on this site.
Gross Istanbul makes no representations, warranties or commitments as to the accuracy, quality, safety or legality of the products and services provided by the users and the products and services offered for sale.

Article 4 - Services

The services provided by Gross Istanbul are short;
1.Sanal Marketplace
a. Sellers are provided with a platform that enables them to offer their products and / or services to sell at home and abroad, buyers can display a large number of products and / or services in different categories, and communicate with sellers for ordering by creating their own content.
b. Sellers and buyers can communicate by using the site infrastructure in terms of selling price, delivery conditions and payment terms of the product and / or service, and they can reach agreement on order conditions.

c. In the scope of our services available in the store membership package they purchase, they provide the language support for the communication of the products, the communication of the buyers, the drawing of the product pictures at Gross Istanbul Studios and the provision of a platform for the promotion of their products at home and abroad.

Article 5 - Terms of Use

When you enter the Site or use Gross Istanbul services, the following actions will be clearly contradictory to the contract:
1. Listing of products, services and content in the wrong category,
2. Disregard of the legislation, the rights of the third persons and / or breach of this contract or its annexes,
3. Violation of the sale of counterfeit goods or the infringement of the third party's copyright and / or industrial property rights such as copyrights and trademarks,
4. If you do not have legal capacity to act (like you are under 18 years of age) or use of Gross Istanbul services,
5. Delivery / non-performance of the product and / or services or payment of the purchased product and / or service fee,
6. The manipulation of prices or the intervention of the listing of other users,
7. Deceptive, misleading, incomplete, incorrect content placement,
8. Without the written consent of Gross Istanbul, the transfer of the user account or the name,
9. Spam, unsolicited or mass electronic communication, or chained email,
10. The distribution, dissemination, dissemination or dissemination of viruses or technologies that may harm Gross Istanbul or its users,
11. Gross Istanbul infrastructures, including behavior to disrupt the user profile evaluation system, damage to the system,
12. Entering the site by robot or automatic input methods for any purpose,
13. Without the prior written consent of the Users, any attempt to collect, store,
14. Reselling, distributing, distributing, reproducing, deriving from, processing works of any intellectual and / or industrial property part of the site (including but not limited to design, text, image, html code and other codes).
15. Determination of user / shop names such as Gross Istanbul brand and title and similar phrases as user name / shop name and violating the third party's trademark rights.
If you become a legal entity on the site, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to represent and bind the legal entity concerned. Otherwise, you agree to be personally liable for the debts and obligations arising.
By agreeing to this contract, you acknowledge that Gross Istanbul will be able to keep, keep, and retain all relevant communications between users through the site, and to monitor and track the contents of such content and to keep records for such content for at least three years pursuant to applicable legislation.

16. Making transactions on the Site that will not only sell your products and / or services between you, your memberships and other members and / or affiliates of your acquaintances, but that will provide money transfer only and that will manipulate the operation of the site.

17. Sale of products will not be allowed except for the categories in Gross Istanbul.

18. All the prohibitions and conditions of use written in the contract are also included in the Classifieds section of Gross Istanbul.

Article 6 - Terms of Sale

When you list products and / or services, you agree to act in accordance with the terms set forth below and the "Rules for Sellers" supplement:
1. You agree that you will deliver and / or perform the product and / or service in a timely manner, in accordance with the qualifications set forth on the site and without obligation.
2. The Consumer Protection Act shall be in accordance with all regulations relating to the protection of the consumer including the Regulation on Distressed Sales and that the buyer shall be personally responsible for all the rights and obligations arising from the consumer law and that the buyer will be able to meet his claims and suffer the damage and loss incurred, you will adhere to the rules.
3. As a seller;
a. you are authorized to list and sell products and / or services on the site, that you own the property of the products you have listed or that you own the right to sell, b. that the products and / or services are not original, altered or deteriorated, that you have offered to market and / or sold and / or imported these products and services on the internet, offered for sale and sold,
c. you are authorized to use the trademarks, logos and other content relating to the products and / or services and to provide the licenses contained in this contract,
D. reproduction, dissemination, representation and marking, TV channels, internet, etc., provided for in the Intellectual and Artistic Works Act and other related laws relating to the content necessary for publicity, including trademarks, logos, transmitting and republishing the signaling, audio and / or image transmission means, including by means of radio and television, satellite and cable, or by means of digital transmission, by means of re-broadcasting; transmitting the prospect through digital media including the internet and making it available to third parties; without regard to any place, content, or number limitation in the country and abroad with respect to the rights to transmit the prospectus and access to the third party through smart device applications and / or by means of technologies developed in various forms on mobile devices / media and on the date of the contract date and / You are giving Gross Istanbul a non-exclusive, non-exclusive license that is valid during the term of the contract,
to. that the products and / or services are invoiced, that the guarantee documents are fulfilled, and that all tax liabilities, including customs duties,
f. you agree to comply with all applicable legislation in force, in particular in respect of tax, customs, exports, imports, consumer protection, electronic commerce, competition, advertising, intellectual and industrial property.
4. You acknowledge and agree that you may use your personal data, such as name, surname, address, telephone and electronic mail, as the seller, limited only for the purpose of making purchases through the site, such as the delivery and / or invoice arrangement of the goods and / you will agree not to process the personal data of the buyer in any other way except the case.
5. You acknowledge that you will be liable to perform and to take action on behalf of Gross Istanbul in connection with any infringement action or proceeding in the event of any breach of this contract and / or legal regulations.
6. As a seller, you agree that you are liable to Gross Istanbul together with the supplier for the actions taken by your supplier on the site, if you are not a third party supplier of any of the transactions made through the user account on the site.

Article 7 - Listing

you agree to act in accordance with the Listing Rules contained in the supplement when offering products and / or services.
You agree that you are liable for the listing of products and / or services listed as being current and legitimate, and for listing products and / or services subject to legal restrictions or for sale in accordance with these legal limits.
2. Products and / or services that are prohibited or prohibited in the future according to legal regulations, except for the categories and / or services existing in Gross Istanbul site, can not be offered for sale.

Article 8 - Terms of Purchase

You agree to comply with the "Rules for Buyers" when purchasing.

Article 9 - Intellectual Property

All the content created by Gross Istanbul, including but not limited to design, image, html code, and the Gross Istanbul brand and logo belongs to Gross Istanbul. Users shall not use, share, distribute, exhibit, reproduce, or make any derivative works from Gross Istanbul 's works which are subject to Intellectual Property Rights.

Article 10 - Gross Istanbul Rights

1. You are not responsible for any legal proceedings, inquiries or inquiries directed against Gross Istanbul regarding Gross Istanbul, and Gross Istanbul is not responsible for defending itself against the products and / or services that are offered to the sale, you agree to provide all information and documentation as soon as possible.
2. Gross Istanbul has the right to terminate, remove and delete the services, products and content offered on the Site at all times by the third party. Gross Istanbul may use this right without any notice and without prejudice. Gross Istanbul will not be liable to the seller for any compensation due to the removal of the mentioned products and / or services from the site.
3. Gross Istanbul may suspend or cancel the membership of the seller whose banned products specified in the contract and the relevant legislation indicate that the sale of products prohibited by the sale is offered and / or that the contract does not comply with the provisions and the rules specified in the site. Gross Istanbul will review applicants for alleged violations of any intellectual and industrial property rights, including, but not limited to, trademark and intellectual property rights, through the Entitlement Protection Program. Reserves the right to remove the listing of products and / or services related to the users as a result of applications made with the Gross Istanbul Rights Program and to suspend or cancel the membership of the users when necessary.
4. As a user, you agree that Gross Istanbul is not responsible for any disadvantages that may arise in connection with the services and products listed on the site, between the seller and the purchaser, and that Gross Istanbul is a platform to attract buyers and sellers.

Article 11 - Termination

Either party may terminate this contract and its affixes unilaterally at any time. In the event of such termination, the Parties shall mutually fulfill the rights and obligations arising from the date of termination. In the event that GrossIstanbul terminates this contract unilaterally, there will be no obligation to pay any compensation.
If you violate this contract and its annexes, Gross Istanbul will be able to immediately terminate your contract and membership unilaterally. In this case, you acknowledge that you are responsible for all the damage and misfortune Gross Istanbul has suffered.

Article 12 - Responsibilities

You may not: (i) use any products or services that you do not comply with; iii) products and / or services you have listed; iv) trademarks, logos and content that you will use; ii) All expenses incurred by Istanbul employees and managers as well as the direct and indirect damages incurred by Gross Istanbul users, including all expenses incurred (such as costs of proceedings and attorneys' fees), expenses and any compensation that they have made, in particular compensation and administrative fines, you shall accept the payment of the cash and reimbursement together with all the feres within 7 (seven) days following the first written request of Gross Istanbul without any reservation of the authority.
Gross Istanbul's liability arising out of this contract is limited to the sum of fees and commissions collected by Gross Istanbul from the date of the event that caused the damage in the contract award, excluding intent and gross negligence.
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Article 13 - General

1. Neither party shall be liable to the other party for any failure or delay due to any liability, force majeure that it undertakes under this contract. Force majeure is any unforeseeable and unavoidable cause other than the reasonable control of the parties. Terrorism, fires, accidents, sabotage, explosion, terrorist attack, material or consumption, including but not limited to civilian insurrection, war, government restrictions and administrative decisions, embargo, application of government or an institution, internet speed and interruptions material shortage, strike, and lockout coercion.
2. The parties will not transfer the rights and obligations arising out of this contract to any third party, except for the transfer of Gross Istanbul to their group companies.
3. All notices to be made by you will be made to the e-mail address or physical address you specify in electronic form or by posting in writing on the system. If you do not notify us of any e-mail or address changes in writing, or if you do not update them on our site, the notification to your existing e-mail address or physical address will be considered valid.
4. Gross Istanbul will notify the users of the phone, call centers, automatic search machines, e-mail, SMS etc. determine whether or not they will be informed about the announcements and campaigns to be made by means of the media and the questionnaires to be made about Gross Istanbul. Users acknowledge, declare and undertake that such communication preferences are necessary for mobile applications of Gross Istanbul and within their mobile site. Users can stop electronic commercial communications to be sent to them at any time and for free via the Notifications section on the My Special Page after completing member registrations, or they can change commercial messaging channels.
5. Users acknowledge that by accepting this contract, Gross Istanbul may use and transmit to third parties information in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, including, but not limited to, personal information.
6. Gross Istanbul may change this contract at any time by posting it via e-mail or the Messages section on the My Special page, or by posting the updated material at
7. The policies and rules on our site may be changed periodically. The changes will take effect on the date they are published in Gross Istanbul.
8. Turkish law shall apply in the event of legal disputes arising from the application and interpretation of this contract. The Istanbul Courts and the Chief Executives shall be authorized between the Parties in the event of any dispute arising out of the interpretation or application of the provisions of this contract.
9. The parties acknowledge that the books and records of the parties, computer records, confirmed fax messages, e-mails shall constitute binding, binding, evidence during the controversies arising out of this contract.
10. If any court of law or other competent authority decides that any provision of this contract is in whole or in part invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the other provisions of this contract and the remainder of the provision shall not be affected.
11. Failure to use or delay any of Gross Istanbul's rights will not mean that it waives this suspension.
12. Nothing in this contract shall be construed as relating to any representation, agency, partnership or any other joint venture etc. between the parties.
13. The Buyer and Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the purchase of the goods or services provided by the seller or the purchaser, provided that the buyer and seller act as intermediaries for the establishment of distant contracts under the Act on the Protection of Consumers of Gross Istanbul and have the title Agent Service Provider under the Law on Electronic Commerce Regulation, and are not liable or responsible for the investigation of any unlawful activity or situation related to the goods or services in question.

14. Gross Istanbul will make commercially and technically feasible efforts to ensure that advertisements, offers and trade communications relate to your interests and / or your use of the Site.

Article 14 - Annexes

Users acknowledge that the rules and policies published on the site are an integral part of this contract. Users accept that they also read and understand the following rules.